Brokerage Required Data

  • Copy of declaration page, incl. legal name(s), FEIN(s) and schedule of all locations.
  • Currently valued Workers Compensation Loss Runs for 3-5 complete years plus present policy period.
  • Annualized Payrolls by Class Code by State as well as total payrolls by year.
  • Copy of Corporate Safety Plan
  • Acord Form
  • iPeo Needs Analysis
  • Copy of Employee Census, including current Plan Summary and the most recent invoice/billing reflecting current cost of plan for all group/voluntary plans.
  • If currently in a PEO relationship provide most recent invoice.
  • Copy of Retirement program plan docs.
  • Group Health Questionaire
  • Employee Census
  • Copy of any EEOC and/or other government agency complaints (EPL claims, if any.) Copy of EPLI policy, if coverage exists.
  • Obtain hard costs of current annual HR personnel costs and HRIS software expenses.
  • Copy of Employee Handbook.
  • Copy of HRM system.
  • Copy of last UCT-6.
  • Copy of the SUTA tax filing for the last full quarter. Provide the current SUTA rate.

PEO Core Four

Leverage economies of scale to combat rising costs of healthcare

Improve cash flow by eliminating down payment and audit premium

Manage compliance and receive support for employee recruitment, management, and retention

Leverage technology and easily integrate with your systems to achieve efficiency