Payroll Administration

Still running Payroll yourself?

Payroll administration is non-core to any company organization and poses little, if any, value to the company to perform internally. Running Payroll is a time-consuming and recurring task that weighs down employees who could be otherwise contributing to the core business focus.

PEOs offer rich technology platforms for which business owners can leverage and customize to meet the payroll needs of their organization.

PEOs and Payroll Vendors:

  • Execute Payroll and Deductions
  • Multi-State Tax Filings and deposits including; SUTA, 940, 941
  • w-2 and w-3
  • Payroll vendor fees and management
  • Court ordered garnishments and tax liens
  • Payroll account reconciliation
  • Payroll Software conversion
  • Time and Attendance System

PEO Core Four

Leverage economies of scale to combat rising costs of healthcare

Improve cash flow by eliminating down payment and audit premium

Manage compliance and receive support for employee recruitment, management, and retention

Leverage technology and easily integrate with your systems to achieve efficiency