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What is a PEO?

When you decided to go into business, you probably dreamed of making more money, having more control over your time, or giving back in some way. To achieve this you went into business to provide a product or service to your customers. Dealing with employee and HR issues, running payroll, managing employee benefits, compliance, and risk management headaches were probably not a part of your dream.

A PEO is a business entity whose sole purpose is to handle the Employer Duties so they can focus on their core business model.

The Co-Employer Relationship

Your business enters into a co-employer relationship with a PEO to outsource the employer responsibilities. In a co-employer relationship, the PEO assumes control of the employees for tax and liability purposes and the business and leadership team retain 100% control and direction of employees (including recruitment and termination).

A co-employer relationship is established when a company executive signs a Client Service Agreement (CSA) with a PEO. The CSA outlines the terms of the co-employer relationship as well as the shared and individual responsibilities of both parties.

PEO Core Four

Leverage economies of scale to combat rising costs of healthcare

Improve cash flow by eliminating down payment and audit premium

Manage compliance and receive support for employee recruitment, management, and retention

Leverage technology and easily integrate with your systems to achieve efficiency